Ukrainian DNA

As our brave men are fighting the dark forces in the east of our country, every Ukranian civilian is doing all they can to bring our victory closer. 

Today we are happy to announce our new limited collection that signifies our resistance and how much we value freedom. When our designers embarked on a mission to create a concept for a new collection, they started to research Ukrainian herritage, specifically with respect to national clothing and ethnic traditions. Soon they found a distant resemblance between the embroidery patterns in our traditional clothes and the shape of a DNA chain. It was like a bolt of lightning: the capsule series must epitomize freedom as part of our genetic code, our inherent character. That’s how this collection of very light, functional and unpretentious clothing was born. 

All the embroideries are intentionally made using matching colors so that they don’t attract too much attention while delivering their strong message and adding an air of elegance and confidence.

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